Public Records Policy


Public Records Policy



In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and applicable judicial decisions Perry Cook Memorial Public Library maintains open records


  • containing information stored on a fixed medium (such as paper, electronic – including but not limited to email – and other formats);
  • is created or received by, or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office and
  • documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the office


Public records are to be open to the public at all reasonable times with exceptions only as provided for in the Ohio Revised Code.



A poster of the Open Records Policy will be posted in a conspicuous place in the library.


As required by Ohio law, records will be organized and maintained so that they are available for inspection and copying within a reasonable period during regular business hours. The length of time necessary to supply records may depend on the number of records requested, where the records are stored, and other factors.


Any denial of public records requested must include an explanation, including legal authority. If the request for records was in writing, the denial will also be in writing. If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions are to be redacted and the rest released.


Copies will be made available by authorized library personnel within a reasonable period of time. Those seeking public records will be charged at the standard rate for library copies. If copies are to be mailed, the requestor must pay for the postage and the cost of the copies in advance.


Although no specific language is required to make a request, the requester must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the public office to identify, retrieve, and review the records.


The Perry Cook Memorial Public Library would prefer to have requests in writing with the requester’s name and contact information so that staff members can clarify the scope of the request and notify the requester when copies have been made. However, the requestor may decline to supply his/her identity and purpose in requesting open public records.