Welcome to Perry Cook Public Library

Radishes, carrots, and greens

Come join us for gardening fun.  We'll tend our garden, taste our produce, and create some garden art, too.

Ages 5 - 10.


Didgeridoo Down Under logo

Music - Education - Motivation - Entertainment

This Australia-themed show is a fusion of music, culture, science, comedy, audience participation, and more.

Ozobot Evo on a hand-drawn black track

We will be using our Ozobot coding skills to complete games and challeges.

This is a second in a series of Ozobot coding classes. Several sessions are available, with 12 students per class.

A magnet attracting slime to "climb" upward

This workshop is designed for child and adult working together on a project.

Magnetic slime contains iron and is attracted to magnets...so it "crawls."  It is super stretchy and so much fun.

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